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Hot Hatha Teacher Training January 2017


Hot Hatha Teacher Training is happening NOW! This is a great opportunity to learn how to become a yoga teacher or just learn more about yoga! Check out our Teacher Training page to find all the details for future trainings.




Weekend Exploration into Asana w/ Taylor Ring

March 24th - 26th 

Join us for a weekend of asana, smiling and live music at Flow Hot Yoga. ❤️

Taylor has a special place in his heart for the Fusion practice. As a blend of the two styles he has studied most extensively: Hatha and Ashtanga. Utilizing the intelligence of both sequences to create a fun and safe environment for your asana practice to grow. 

Friday 6pm Fusion Salmon Creek

Sunday 10 am Fusion Camas

*Normal class rates apply


  Taylor will be leading us through ways to grow our arm balance & inversion practice. Topics include: Alignment, Breath, Control, Engagement, Drishti, and Safe Exits. Be prepared to smile, fall 3 times to get back up 4 and learn more about the "upside down" practices!
Saturday Noon Inversions Camas
Sunday 2 pm Arm Balances Salmon Creek
$35 per workshop (half price for Auto-Pay)
 All classes will be concluded with live Handpan music played by Taylor. Bring your mat, your smile, we can't wait to see you there! Space is limited. Pre-registration is highly encouraged.



Chakra Meditation w/ Phillip Chavez

Sunday April 9th 4 pm

$25 per person

Earth star activation and Twelve Chakra mediation.
Everyone will receive a velvet cloth gem bag with a Black Tourmaline and a Blue Kyanite. The class will cover the use of breath in meditation along with creative visualaztion. I will introduce how to activate the earth star, as well as the twelve chakras. 

Bring a cushion or pillow to sit on.



Yoga Strength & Conditioning

Camas Studio

M/W/F 9 am

T/TH 11 am

BEGINS Mid-April!!!!


A general, progressive fitness class to enhance the yoga practice and overall health for all levels.  The focus is on expanding strength, balance, and flexibility in an environment that is both fun and challenging.  The class will employ exercises and movement elements found in yoga, gymnastics, dance, and circus-type arts.
Come and try it and discover where you are and how far you can go.  It's never too late to create and fullfill your dreams.
Add this onto your current Auto-Pay Membership for ONLY $39/month. Regular drop-ins and punch cards also apply.



Mala's & Mimosa's

Sunday June 11th

Salmon Creek

9:30 - Pricing details coming soon...


We will be making beautiful Mala necklaces and enjoying mimosa's on a wonderful Sunday morning. We will have a few options for beads. Details on how to select beads will come soon!



Hot Power Teacher Training coming July 2017!!!

stay tuned for details...



 New classes and workshops coming soon!

Hot Barre!

Backbends and Twisting workshop!

Hip Opening workshop!

Shoulder Strength and Stretch course!

Led Ashtanga Primary Series!

Yoga Prescription for Healing course!


Weekend Classes & Workshops w/ Beach Yoga Girl Kerri Verna!

September 29th & 30th

Salmon Creek Studio 

***space is VERY limited please sign up in advance***


Master Class Friday 6 - 7:30 pm

90 Minutes - Kerri Verna will take you through her 90 minute Power Vinyasa Flow class that she teaches at her local beach.  This class includes elements taken from her love of all forms of Yoga.  Designed to help you strengthen and stretch the body as well as build your endurance through Vinyasa sequencing. All levels are welcome and will feel comfortable in this class. $40 per person


CORE + Inversions Workshop Saturday 10 am - 12:30

2.5 hours - In this workshop Kerri will teach you how to strengthen and engage the core in your yoga practice. She will share all her tips and tricks to unlocking the strength of the core for all types of inversions like headstand, forearm balance and handstands. Kerri’s light-hearted approach to advanced asana postures will inspire you to try things you thought you would never do.  Please bring pencil and notebook to this workshop. All levels are welcome to attend this workshop. $55 per person


Strong and Bendy Workshop Saturday 2 - 4:30 pm

2.5 hours - Do you want to gain strength and flexibility in your practice?  In this workshop, Kerri will teach you her training drills and flexibility secrets that she uses - beyond the scope of her yoga practice - to help you gain strength and flexibility in your entire body.  You will learn simple, unique,  & effective exercises that will make you stronger and more flexible for difficult postures such as backbends, forward bends and keys to learning inversions.  Please bring pencil and notebook to this workshop. Learn to be STRONG and BENDY! Open to all levels of practitioners. $55 per person



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When in doubt, sweat it out!


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