What should I bring?

Please bring a yoga mat, large sized towel, and a bottle of water. If you do not have any of those items they are available for rent or purchase at the studio.


What should I wear?

Wear whatever you are most comfortable in! Light-weight clothing is best, expect to sweat!


I’ve never done yoga before, what class should I take first?

All of our classes are suitable for all levels. Most people will start with Hatha, it can be a little easier to follow and to get your body acclimated to the hot room. 


How much water should I drink before class?

Start hydrating 24 hours prior to class. Try not to eat or drink 30 minutes before class.


What if I feel light-headed and need to leave the room?

It is recommended to stay in the room during the entire class so your body can really get the benefits of the Hot Room. Feeling dizzy or even nauseous is completely normal during your first few classes. At any time you are welcome to lay down on your mat to regain your focus and your breath.


What if I have an injury or health condition?

Please consult your physician to okay you for physical activity and if it is something that can affect your yoga practice please modify your practice whenever necessary and inform the instructor prior to the start of class. Inform your instructor prior to class about any and all injuries so we can best help you during your practice. Remember you are your best teacher!

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