Studio Etiquette

1. Arrive up to 10 minutes prior to the start of class
2. Always check in at the Front Desk
3. Take only mat, towel, and water into the Hot Room. Please leave phones on silent and in a cubby outside of the Hot Room.
4. Please keep voices outside of the Hot Room, all conversations can be held in the lobby. Your Instructor will be available after class for questions.
5. Quietly enter and exit the Hot Room always being respectful and mindful of others.
6. Please avoid wear heavy perfumes, smoking, etc prior to entering the Hot Room.
7. Try and remain in the Hot Room during class.  Please feel free to take breaks by lying down on your mat whenever necessary.
8. If you must leave, please leave quietly and remain in the lobby until the end of class to gather your things.
9. Don't want adjustments? Grab one of our No Adjustments cards at the Front Desk and just place it on the front corner of your mat.
10. If you have injuries, tightness, or are just tired please inform your instructor so we can provide the best yoga and support possible for your practice, remember you are your best teacher!
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