A traditional combination of 26 postures and 2 breathing techniques that concentrate on alignment, stability, strength, and focus. This is a completely balanced approach to yoga that will increase balance, flexibility, strength, coordination and overall health & healing.  

Power Flow 

In this vinyasa style class we are creating a deep connection to breath and strength through movement and flowing sequences. An invigorating and creative sequence of postures will work your entire body and give you an intense cardio workout but also challenging your mental strength by incorporating different arm balances and inversions. This class will push you to your limits but leave you feeling accomplished, centered and energized!  

Everyone’s welcome! Your instructor will offer variations that enable you to practice at your own level while keeping up with the Flow. 

Hatha Flow 

The best of both worlds! This vinyasa style class combines flow and breath with the strength and focus of the 26 series. Each class will be different and challenging but will leave you feeling accomplished. You can expect to work your entire body actively and passively through structured and intelligent sequencing. Be ready to sweat and push yourself to your limits in a fun and positive way!  

Deep Stretch 

This is a deeply meditative and restorative practice. Find the power in stillness through the Yin Yoga technique of longer holds of deep stretching postures. Each posture is held for 2-5 minutes to promote increased flexibility and circulation to the joints and is working deep connective tissues and is ultimately thought of as a mini-meditation. This practice of stillness is a beautiful yet challenging opportunity to connect with our mind and heart.  


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