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Jackie Adams 500-RYT & YACEP- Owner/Instructor

Jackie started teaching yoga, many other fitness classes, and personal training in college at Central Washington University. There she received two bachelors degrees; one in Exercise Science and one in Nutrition. Living in Ellensburg led her to find a hot yoga studio that was about 40 miles away but the distance or travel time didn’t matter. She immediately fell in love with the physical and mental challenge. Jackie has a 200 Hour Hot Hatha certificate but has almost 1000 hours of yoga training and study and has been teaching full-time since 2008. My goal is to teach and help heal everyone just the same way this practice has helped me both physically and mentally. 

Jackie moved to Vancouver with her husband and two dogs in 2012 and began teaching hot yoga right away. They welcomed their daughter Madelyn in July 2014 and Emilie in 2018 and you will most likely catch them running around the studio from time to time.This has been such an amazing journey for myself and my family; each class has helped to heal my body, mind, and soul and teaching yoga helps me to pass that love on to each and every person. Namaste.

Continuing Education with Tim Miller, Maty Ezraty, Kino Macgregor, Jason Crandell, Rajashree Choudry, Carlo Giorno and Julie Gudmestad

*Schedule a Private Session with Jackie! Specializes in Hatha & Power postures, injury healing and modifications, advanced practice

Kerry Furimsky - Instructor

I started practicing yoga about 6 years ago to help heal a running injury. I fell in love with the practice and was eager to learn more. I enjoy the balance of moving mediation, discipline and spirituality. Although I initially came to yoga for the physical benefits, I stay for the value it brings to my mind and spirit. I have been active in many sports including running, dance, martial arts, snowboarding, basketball and more. I was also a martial arts instructor. I am eager to learn and grow my yoga practice as a lifelong journey. I hope to visit India in the next couple of years to learn more about the root of our practice.
In 2017 I received my 200 hour teacher training certificate from Flow Hot Yoga and enjoy helping students improve their strength, flexibility and life balance. I feel like Yoga is a calling for me. I like to connect with my students in whichever way they need me. I am very grateful for the opportunity to teach at Flow!

Jamie Hamilton - Instructor

I have been doing yoga for about 2 years. It wasn't until I started coming to Flow Hot Yoga a few years ago, that I really started to care and think about my practice. The most enjoyable class for me is Hatha, but I am slowly starting to like Fusion. I try to come to class at least four times a week, mostly for lavender towels. Aside from doing yoga I love hiking and playing outside with my dogs. Most of the people at FHY know me for my very "graceful" backbends, but I promise I am good at other things too! I can't wait to see where my yoga journey takes me this year and I'll see you guys on the mat

Lisa Harvey - Instructor

I am married and have 3 boys. I have had chronic lower back pain and I had gone to a couple of yoga classes prior to hot yoga but they were all too fast-paced for me to learn and keep up. I decided to try Flow Hot Yoga because one of my student teachers made it sound like something that would help me increase my flexibility.

I was hooked on hot yoga from the first class I took. My husband went to the next class with me and he commented immediately after walking out of the hot room that he loved it. What hooked me was the fact that I was able to stretch muscles further. The movements were challenging but not completely intimidating and everyone was at different levels. The teacher's direction was clear, calm, and somewhat soothing to follow.

The most exciting thing that has happened to me is that my lower back is getting better! Hatha is the single best thing that I have done to decrease my back pain. I have tried many things for relief: exercise, chiropractics, massage, acupuncture, pain medication, rest, supplements, prayer and more. The stronger I become doing yoga the less pain I have and the more my practice improves.

Finally, I've have some really awesome teachers and fellow yoga students that routinely inspire me, make me feel welcome, are excellent role models, and cause me to want to grow in my practice. And.... for being 50 years old, I'm probably in the best physical condition of my life. I feel young enough to suit myself, which is much better than feeling 100 years old.

Carlynn Chumak - Instructor

I began practicing yoga casually while in college and discovered that it was the best thing to combat bad posture and aches that resulted from hours of sitting in slouched positions while studying. I continued to see the benefits as I entered the working phase of life and then through two pregnancies. In this current busy stage of trying to balance work and home life, time spent in class is so valuable to me because these are really the only regular times in my schedule when I am not interrupted by something or someone. It’s time when I can de-stress and focus in on my practice, where I am constantly challenged and am continually growing. I believe it is such an honor to teach and hope that I can offer support to my students the way I have been supported (and continue to be) by teachers from whom I have had the privilege to learn.

Shelby Carnright- Instructor

Born and raised in the south, I moved to the pacific northwest about 4 years ago as an aspiring marine biologist. Since I’ve moved here I’ve found much happiness in the form of a loving partner, a cuddly corgi, and lots of yoga. In an effort to get back into shape, I started taking classes at Flow Hot Yoga in December of 2018 and now, if I’m not at work or at home, I’m definitely at the yoga studio (as long as the room is hot!). I’m so excited to start teaching and spreading the positivity and wellness that I have come to know through diligent practice, supportive friends, and a welcoming community. Please stop by and join me for a power class! I look forward to learning and growing with each of you!

Phillip Chavez - Instructor/Reiki Master

My yoga journey started with my wife coming home from her first class very excited about new stretches that could help with my chronic migraines. We launched into rabbit and turtle and I was hooked and had to learn more. So the next week I went in for my first class and almost died from the heat! (not really).  I loved it, it was hard at first but rewarding just the same. And yes yoga has helped with my migraines. It has been three years now and its only gotten better and better the range on motion I have gained in my joints has been astounding to me. I’ve met so many positive people through yoga it’s just been a wonderful experience.

I’m also a Reiki master for a year now and have recently completed my certification as a past life regressionist. I’m self-taught in mediation and have developed my own form of guided meditation. I have studied the works of Ram Dass and Thich Nhat Nanh to further my spiritual growth.

Heather Malsed - Instructor

I have two adorable cats, Toby and Missy, and work from home. I moved to Vancouver about 5 years ago and I am always looking for ways to get out of the house and meet new people. I have done yoga throughout the years occasionally at the gym and have tried hot yoga a few times somewhere else and did not really ...like the structure and the vibe of the classes. I decided to try Flow Hot Yoga and was hooked right away. I needed to increase my flexibility and add this component to my workouts. I also love spin classes and hiking. When I started at Flow Hot Yoga I was not able to get into a floor bow to save my life. Now I am able to get into this posture and many others that I couldn't imagine.

I love the sense of balance and belonging that I get with yoga. I always leave a class feeling better and more centered than I did when I started the class. I feel such a strong sense of family at Flow Hot Yoga as well. The instructors are all amazing and are always cheering you on. They are always as excited, and sometimes more, than you are when you finally are able to get a pose that you have working on.

Ken Warnes 500 RYT - Instructor

I started practicing yoga in May 2013, one month before my 50th birthday. My main goal was to increase flexibility. After 30 days of just taking Hatha, I was challenged to expand my practice to include Fusion and Power. What a difference that made.

The opportunities for improvement/growth/challenge are so vast in both of those classes. From the first class I heard the phrase 'one day', I used to chuckle and think that it meant never, as you can see I have accomplished one of my 'one day' poses. All of the instructors at Flow Hot Yoga are amazing and I encourage everyone to branch out to as many different classes as you can - even Aerial.

I began teaching May 2015 and love helping students feel better, working towards their goals and achieving what they thought was once impossible.

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