Class Descriptions

Hatha: A beginning yoga sequence of 26 postures focusing on alignment, stability, strength, and focus. This practice focuses on healing and detoxifying the body. During Hatha you will increase balance, flexibility, and even the cardiovascular system with its specific breathing techniques.


Hatha Express: The same Hatha class you know and love but quicker! We will only be doing 1 set of each posture and limiting rest times.


Vinyasa Flow: A continuous flow of movement linked with breath, incorporating core, balance, strength and flexibility. Options for inversions and arm balances included. This class will leave you focused, energized and open. All levels welcome.


Hatha Flow: Where both worlds collide! Vinyasa Flow + Hatha! Hatha Flow will have many of the postures from the Hatha practice but will help prepare you to advance your practice towards our other Flow classes.


Power Flow: In this advanced class we are linking breath and movement together. Working your entire body and getting a very intense cardio workout but also challenging your mental strength by incorporating different arm balances and inversions. This class will push you to your limits but leave you feeling accomplished.


Deep Stretch: This is a restorative practice and will be done in a warm room.  Postures are held for 2-5 minutes to promote increased flexibility and increased circulation to the joints.


Ashtanga: A 90 minute, 90 degrees Modified Led Ashtanga Primary class that takes you through most of the postures, removes a few vinyasa flows and offers modifications for many of the postures. 


Yoga Strong: With this class expect to work! This class is similar to our Power class but we add hand weights for added strength building opportunities.  For best benefit please bring your own weights.


Yoga BootCamp: A general, progressive fitness class created to enhance your yoga practice and overall health and is suitable for all levels.  The focus is on expanding strength, balance, and flexibility in an environment that is both fun and challenging. The class will employ exercises and movement elements found in yoga, gymnastics, dance, and circus-type arts.


Barre: Barre is an upbeat and energetic workout that targets specific areas for strength and flexibility by using tiny isometric movements. This is a great supplement to any other fitness you participate in or even as a stand alone! Bring your mat and get ready to sweat and shake!!!


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