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Posture Clinic

Camas Studio

Saturday October 26th

1 - 4 pm



Join us for a HUGE workshop! Come learn all about Warriors - Crescent Lunges- Standing Postures - Floor Postures and More!
This event will be combined with our training program so you get to learn what the teachers learn!
Corrective Yoga now Available!

Corrective yoga  combines the scientific principles of human physiology, physics, and biomechanics to address an individual’s specific physical and biochemical needs.

Corrective yoga is meant to remedy the cumulative results of stresses placed on the body, helping to restore and maintain posture, balance, mobility, and stability, which allows the body to move freely and without pain. 

More Information & Schedules HERE

Master Instructor Carlo
Salmon Creek Studio
Saturday December 14th
Noon - 3 pm

The Hatha Posture Clinic will focus on the floor postures of the Hatha series and focuses on alignment, stability, strength, and focus. We will make adjustments and advancements as needed. Please bring questions with you! Carlo has 25 years of experience teaching this practice so you wont want to miss out on this!


Carlo will also be teaching Saturday morning so come take one of his amazing classes and stay for the workshop!

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