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Hot Vinyasa Teacher Training coming September 2018

This is a great opportunity to learn how to become a yoga teacher or just learn more about yoga! Check out our Teacher Training page to find all the details for future trainings.

Sound Bath w/ Crystal Bowls 
An evening of soothing sounds and mediation in a sound bath by candle light. A crystal bowl sound bath is an exceptional feel good experience promoting rest and relaxation. Crystal bowls reduce stress and bring on peace and a sense of well being. 
Sound bath is a massage for the body and the mind. Only $25
Camas Studio - Noon
April 15th - May 12th - June 9th
Salmon Creek - 5:30 pm
April 1st - May 13th - June 24th
Master Teacher Carlo
Saturday April 14th
Camas Studio
Join Flow Hot Yoga and Master Teacher Carlo for a 90 minute Hatha class beginning at 8:30 am, followed by a Posture Clinic beginning at 11 am. This is great for the beginning yogi to ask questions and get more information about this style of yoga and for the advanced student to learn how to continue taking their practice to the next level. Carlo has over 25 years of experience and always helps each student with his instruction.
Free Mock Classes
Join our current Hatha Teacher Trainees for some FREE Hatha classes! Come support them on their journey to becoming a certified yoga teacher and get to know them and have a great class!
Camas Studio
Friday May 4th 4 pm
Saturday May 19th Noon
Salmon Creek Studio
Saturday April 28th 4:30 pm
Sunday June 3rd 4:30 pm
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