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How to Create a Daily Yoga Practice 

February 22nd Noon $10 

Is your practice hit and miss? Do you always feel better when you take class and wonder why you don’t make it more of a habit for your daily life? This seminar will introduce you to easy ways you can make your yoga practice part of your daily life on and off the mat. 

Essential Oils 101 

February 29th Noon $15 

Join Jamie & Whitney for a rejuvenating yoga class that will incorporate therapeutic essential oils. This class will be a gentle flow done in a warm room. After class we will go over different uses for essential oils and make your own blend to take home!  

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Hatha Clinic 3  

March 14th  Noon – 2 pm  

Join us for the final part of our Hatha clinics. This weekend we will be covering:  

-Separate Leg Pulling, Triangle, Standing Separate Head to Knee, Tree & Toe stand 
-Belly Down Series 

$40 (half price for auto-pay Members) 

Chakra Meditation 

March 14th 4:30 – 6 pm $15 

Phillip will guide you through a healing journey through the chakras. This event will educate you on the chakras and guide you through an amazing meditation that will cultivate balance between your emotional, physical and spiritual energies. 

Yoga Sculpt 

March 15th Noon 

Get ready to feel the burn! Join Jackie for this sculpting flow class with weights. This high intensity class will have you sweating but feelin’ oh so amazing at the same time.  

Flow Transitions 

March 28th Noon – 2 pm 

Do you ever see people doing something different when taking a flow? This clinic will break down different transitions and options for your flows! No experience required we will breakdown step by step beginner to advanced options. Jackie & Shelby will lead you through this encouraging, challenging and uplifting course.  

$40 (half price for auto-pay Members) 

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