Flow Hot Yoga Teaching Academy

Come discover your bodies full capacity and dissect and learn asana and principles of yoga. You'll make friends for life and be surrounded by people that will lift you higher! Each program will teach you how to modify and best teach your students. You'll grow your inner passion for yoga and learn how to better express yourself. With newfound body awareness you'll learn technique to carry with you in your own practice.



ONLINE Training Option Available NOW!

Become a certified yoga instructor! Study and learn in-depth yoga curriculum & teaching methodolgy from your own home. You work through the course on your own time and have all of 2021 to complete it!!!  There will be weekly office hours to stay connected and ask nay and all questions (even once you graduate you still receive access to Office Hours) This course will offer comprehensive pre-recorded course material, a learning manual, self study & reflection, and the opportunity to attend our LIVE yoga classes via Zoom. All of this taught by our Lead Trainer and supporting expert instructors. 


This course is accreddited through Yoga Alliance and will start you on your journey to becoming a a certified Yoga Instructor. Don't miss out on this amazing opprotunity to study from your own home!




Asana Breakdown
Anatomy & Physiology
8 Limbs of Yoga
Pranayama Techniques
Philosophy & History of Yoga
Introduction into traditional lineage's of yoga
Hatha 26 series
Flow Postures & Sequencing 
Our programs will encompass all that is yoga - this is the time for you to learn, grow, and share your journey with others. 

Questions? contact flow.vancouver@gmail.com

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