I registered for teacher training last year to challenge myself to try something new and because teaching yoga sounded like a fun idea. The 6 month journey through teacher training turned out to be so much more than I expected. The experience came at the perfect time for my personal life. The 6 months was full of joy, breakthroughs, strength, tears, growth and new friends. I learned so much about yoga, helping others and about who I am. I now teach 3 days a week and love the connection I have with my students and the energy the studio brings to my life. I now know that being a yoga teacher was a calling for me that came at just the right time.  I am so grateful for the experience and the knowledge I received and for the opportunity to now teach yoga! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in advancing their practice or in becoming a yoga instructor. -Kerry
Deciding to commit to Vinyasa teacher training at Flow Hot Yoga was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Initially, I had little to no intentions of becoming a yoga teacher. I began with the goal of only improving my practice, and to get outside of my comfort zone. But my opinion on teaching quickly changed.
Within six intense months of hands-on learning, practice, meditation, breathing exercises, more practice, homework, adjustment workshops, reflections and practicums, I learned how to confidently sequence and teach a vinyasa class. I also grew emotionally and physically as a person, as well as a student of yoga. 
Jackie taught me and my fellow trainees the "why" behind yoga, and how practice directly relates to your mind and physical body. She also taught us how to sequence and cue the three types of vinyasa classes-slow flow/restorative, mixed-level and power. We wrote and practiced our own dialogue to reference in real-life teaching. Jackie spent time breaking down Sun Salutations, postures, cues, anatomy, the history of yoga, pranayama (breathing), ayurveda and so much more. 
Whether your goal is to teach or deepen your practice, I highly recommend Vinyasa teacher training at Flow Hot Yoga. -Whitney
Flow Hot Yoga teacher training changed my life. I not only have a better understanding of teaching Yoga to everyone I understand my own practice more. Jackie has so much knowledge, I would do training with her every day if I could. The community at Flow Hot Yoga is amazing. - Laci
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