My decision to practice yoga has been a long time coming. For many years I have searched for an exercise program that fit all my needs. From injury recovery and maintenance too overall physical and mental conditioning. Jackie's variety and helpful teaching has helped me find the balance I have been searching for. The Body Transformation Challenge coupled with the 30 Day Challenge gave me the jump start I needed to accomplish my immediate goals and begin my lifelong journey with yoga. 

-Rich G.


I started practicing yoga to increase flexibility because I could hardly bend over and touch my knees, let alone my toes. I learned that there's so much more to yoga. I’m now more flexible, stronger and my mind has gotten calmer. My favorite classes with Jackie are Power, Sculpt and Aerial because they are the classes that I find change both my mind and body the most.  My favorite poses are arm balances and inversions because of the confidence building effect they have.

-Brenda H


My yoga journey started about four years ago. However, my passion for yoga has increased since I started practicing with Jackie. I feel that yoga is a practice, and that you are always striving to perfect a posture. This blends very well with my personality. I feel that my body has become stronger and more flexible. I love all the classes (Hatha, Fusion, and Power) that Jackie offers and especially appreciate the variety.

-Deb W.


My yoga journey started November 2013. Yoga is such a key essential part to my life now, not only does it help me slow my mind it helps with my stress. I have found a new strength to push myself even when I feel I am unable to go any further. And I love how it has help with strengthening my back muscles. Trying different yoga postures and going just a tiny bit further each time... is so much fun! Then once you get get so EXCITED!!  Doing yoga on a regular basis is the best medicine ever for my heart, mind & soul!

-Kellie F


Since taking class with Jackie, not only have I experienced deeper understanding of yoga postures, but also I get a sense of family unity. I like showing up. I've enjoyed seeing my body get stronger and more balanced in power classes with more stamina and flexibility in all aspects of my life. I used to have a lot of back pain, and it has been tremendously subdued since I started taking yoga classes. I look forward to continuing to reap the benefits that yoga has given me and my life. I've always been an avid athlete and enjoyed the benefits of health and exercise, but there's no better feeling than when I can do a twist, bind, and balance move all in one, something I never thought I could do. I thank yoga for this empowering experience, and I look forward to the ongoing journey.

-Shanel R


I have done yoga throughout the years occasionally at the gym and have tried hot yoga a few times somewhere else and did not really like the structure and the vibe of the classes. I decided to try Jackie's class and was hooked right away. I needed to increase my flexibility and add this component to my workouts. I also love spin classes and hiking. When I started with Jackie I was not able to get into a floor bow to save my life. Now I am able to get into this posture and many others that I couldn't imagine.


I love the sense of balance and belonging that I get with yoga. I always leave a class feeling better and more centered than I did when I started the class. Jackie is amazing and always cheering you on. She is always as excited, and sometimes more, than you are when you finally are able to get a pose that you have working on.


-Heather M.

I enjoy all the classes and the workshops. Not only does the hot yoga help warm up the muscles and detoxify your body, but it's great for healing the body too. Jackie is good at helping to modify the postures for people who have injuries and the atmosphere at the studio is so inviting and positive.


-Amy W


My husband got me a 1 month trial membership for Christmas. I was hooked on the first class. It really helps to clear my mind and find some inner peace. I think it is probably the best thing I could have ever done for myself, both physically and mentally. Since joining with Jackie, I feel like a whole new person, both inside and out. I never could have imagined how much Yoga would mean to me :) I am so thankful!

-Jenifer A.


Practicing yoga gives me peace, balance, and fitness. I love Jackie's classes and pushing myself to test my abilities and see what I'm capable of. It's amazing to look back at the last three years of my practice to see how much I've grown. The practice inspires me to find yoga studios anytime I leave town so I can continue to grow and expand my practice. I also love to run and lift. Yoga complements all elements of fitness no matter what you do.


But, probably more so than the practice, I love the community. I can feel the energy, comradery, and support during the practice which provides me motivation and inspiration.

-Vanessa L.


I'm extremely happy that I found Jackie, she is such a friendly instructor and that environment has helped keep me motivated.  I look forward to continued growth in my practice and floating my legs up in tripod......some day.

-Allyson A.


A few months ago I stumbled across Jackie and thought I would give it a try! I am hooked! Addicted would describe it better! I have been attending classes everyday! I can already notice a difference in my strength & flexibility & I look forward to coming to class everyday!

-Brittney B.


Jackie brings her own style and strengths to each class that keep me both motivated and challenged. You are supported and encouraged to advance your practice at your own pace. In addition, to regular classes I have enjoyed attending the Hatha workshops where I can ask questions and try advanced postures.


-Tina W.


After just a couple of weeks, I have felt better, feel bad when I can't make a class and have slept a lot better.  It is such a challenge to try the poses and push yourself a little harder each time. I like how everyone can do the same workout but at different levels in the same class. My favorite part is at the end when you are challenged to stay still for at least 5 minutes, this is so relaxing for me.

-Jodi V.


After 28 years of critical care nursing and years of night shifts I felt sluggish, out of shape with chronic shoulder and back pain.  I had always wanted to try yoga and when I found Jackie I gave it a shot.  After a two week trial I became a member and have been attending 4-6 classes per week for the last 3 years.              


I feel great, I am stronger and more flexible than I have ever been. Shoulder and back pain were gone in just a few months.  I went to yoga looking for the physical benefits not realizing the mental benefits, I am calmer, sleep great, and feel centered. I am going to be the "big 50" in just a few weeks and thanks to yoga I am in great shape and feel awesome. I look forward to continuing my yoga journey and achieving all of those "some days"! Namaste

-April H.


I was hooked from the first class. I love the encouragement, the never-ending challenges, and learning to make the small adjustments that make the biggest difference in my yoga practice. I've had to purchase a whole new wardrobe, seen my energy rise to new levels and love getting stronger and healthier each day.


-Michal C.


I searched on-line for months to find yoga classes and then we found and joined Jackie's classes in February 2013.   I had heard that yoga was able to decrease heart disease, blood pressure and increase flexibility as well as help me with my meditation journey.   And the best part is one day you really can do the postures - EVEN A HEAD STAND!


The beginning was so hard but rewarding I found mobility that I thought I had lost. My yoga practice has been an incredible journey. I find that I can sit and meditate now for longer periods of time and go for long walk with my wife without feeling pain in my legs and feet. Now I find myself telling anyone that is having back pain that they need to come do yoga that the practice will help them in all aspects of their lives.

-Phillip & Patricia


Greater calm, focus, patience, and gratitude have been my primary rewards.  Over the roughly six months of attending 3-4 times a week there have been some fun 'side-effects' too such as progressing poses, improved balance in ways that at first seemed scary, and losing 10lbs. and two inches off my waistline.  Good times but the goal is to keep connecting with the breath.  Concentration has been more challenging/beneficial than the physical stuff.  As it's written in the ancient scrolls:  "Free your mind and your ass will follow". 

-Rob M.


I had never done yoga before and was a bit nervous, but Jackie was so helpful, explaining every posture in detail and adjusting me as necessary. I love the challenge of inversions and arm balances- still working very hard to get into a lot of them!


 I'm often amazed by what my body is able to do. Practicing yoga has proven to be great for my body and mind. It gives me a chance to clear my mind, focus on myself, and let everything go.   I have seen great improvements in my strength, flexibility, and balance. The learning process is an incredible journey. The mistakes and the falls all lead to those rewarding moments when a challenging posture is achieved.

-Danielle V.


I started looking into yoga after having my kids because I needed a restorative workout. I read about the practice of Hatha Yoga. And learned that was exactly what I wanted! But I wasn't about to step out of the house in a pair of spandex pants weighing 220 pounds. I changed my diet for 8 months and lost 50lbs. The first class I took was in March and after continuing to take classes with Jackie I have lost an additional 15 pounds. 


 I feel stronger and more in control of my body. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to practice with Jackie and hope to one day teach what I practice.

-Ember B.


Do more yoga and enjoy your life! I have been taking class with Jackie for about 3 years now.  It didn't take long for me to realize how much better this was for me not just physically but emotionally as well. It became a perfect time for me to spend an hour for myself and my mind to focus. "Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self", I learn something every time I go to class. Going everyday has become an important part of my "to do list".


-Amberly M.


The more I practice, the better I feel.


Yoga is starting to spread into the rest of my life.  Throughout the day I focus and slow my breathing, I place my hand on my heart and stomach to become in tune with my body, and stretch more often!  I am excited to continue my practice and watch how beautifully amazing human bodies are. 

-Lauren N.


II LOVE it! Jackie is amazing - always so encouraging and taking a personal interest in helping everyone grow in their practice. I am doing things that I never thought possible! Tripod head stands and even handstands!


I love the variety that is offered in the classes, and the camaraderie between other members. Whether you are a new member, or a seasoned yogi - they provide such a welcoming atmosphere. I was looking for an addition to my workouts, and knew that yoga would be so beneficial to someone my age. I am hooked! I miss it when I have to be away.

-Judy C.


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